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Dear Parent to be,

Welcome and congratulations on your upcoming arrival.  My hope is that you have come to this site to find a doula, and leave having found one.  My name is Tonya Gervacio, for 17 years I have been a birth and postpartum doula and I LOVE what I do.

So what exactly is a Doula?  There are two main types of doula's, birth and postpartum. 

Birth Doula works with the mom and partner and/or birth team as a trained and experienced professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother before, during and just after birth.  Please visit the here for more detailed information about this role. 

 Studies show that having this type of extra support;

*Decreases anxiety and tension 
*Shortens labor 
*Decreases need for medication 
*Decreases interventions 
*Decreases cesareans 
*Decreases postpartum depression 
*Decreases neonatal problems 
*Enhances the maternal/infant bond 
*Increases positive feelings about labor 
*Increases acceptance of the baby 
*Increases feelings of control 
*Enhances self-confidence and self-esteem

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I am currently accepting and interviewing for Birth Doula and Photography Clients with 2014 due dates. 
To view my full availability calander please visit the following link

Spaces fill up fast so if  you would like to set up a no obligation meet and greet please contact 

Doula Tonya Gervacio via email 
at tonya@tonyagervacio.com 
or by phone or text at 253-232-5952  
You can also check me out on Facebook

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It does not matter where you choose to deliver your baby or how you choose to deliver your baby.  A doula's job is to ensure whatever choice you make is an informed choice and to support you.
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What comes with birth doula services?

* 1-2 prenatal visits 
* Unlimited phone and e-mail support (during daytime hours)
* Five weeks of 24 hour on-call availability surrounding your due date
  (3 weeks before through 2 weeks after)
* Access to lending library and referrals
* Continuous support during labor/birth
* Up to 3 hours of assistance immediately following the birth, including 
  establishing breastfeeding
* Postpartum support
* Photography   

Please click here for a more detailed look at these services as well as pricing.

"Experience the softer side of hard labor"
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